Program for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infertile couples

The program of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of infertile couples helps couples to get on the right track, correctly establishing the reason for not getting pregnant and providing a great chance for a loving couple to have a long-awaited child.


According to statistics, the incidence of infertility in the modern world is from 12 to 20% and the reasons for this are extremely diverse: from congenital developmental anomalies to difficult to diagnose immunological conflicts between spouses.


Based on its many years of experience and institutional experience, The Medical House, based at the Universe Center for Reproductive Medicine, provides couples in need with the opportunity to accurately diagnose, establish causes, innovative treatment and prevention.


The program package includes:


A comprehensive, detailed examination and identification of the causes of non-pregnancy based on modern laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, which includes:

primary diagnosis for both women and men

additional examinations (if necessary) to confirm the diagnosis and determine the tactics of treatment;

Treatment of partners using the latest instrumental methods

Drug therapy using modern drugs, as well as the unique developments of the clinic «Universe».


The possibility, at the request of the consumer, of conducting pregnancy and delivery under the supervision of highly qualified medical specialists, experts in their field.

Additional services at the request of the consumer (vaginal plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine — fillers)

For comfort and convenience, the program includes:

Service of an individual coordinator throughout the program;

Translation services;

Providing accommodation for up to 1-3 months at the initial visit;

Individual driver services;

Anti-Covid measures;


In case of no pregnancy after completing the program after 5 months, the couple is given the choice of:


— one IVF + ICSI attempt, taking into account the cost of drugs


— participation in the «Surrogation» program with a 25% discount


Benefits for the patient:


The probability of pregnancy in a natural way after completing the program and finishing treatment within 1-5 months increases to 70-85%

The optimal amount of examination required for a couple is included

Medical support

Fixed Price Guarantee

Individual approach

Convenient payment terms for the program

Individual time to start the program


The program for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infertile couples is the result of the fruitful work done by experts and employees of the Center for Reproductive Medicine «Universe» in the field of obstetrics, gynecology, andrology, reproduction, based on scientific knowledge and international discoveries in medicine, including world diagnostic methods and innovative approaches to the treatment of non-pregnancy problems for infertile couples.


Our program is an opportunity to find happiness for every couple who wants to have their own long-awaited child!


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Inclusion in the PROGRAM OF DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF INFERTILITY COUPLES is possible after passing the primary diagnosis.

In order to assess the possibility of a couple’s participation in the program, primary diagnostics is carried out on the basis of the Universi Center for Reproductive Medicine at the expense of the host.

Primary diagnostics includes the following types of consultations and studies:

for women:

✔ consultation of a gynecologist-reproductologist of the highest category (possible through on-line using instant messengers or a video conferencing system);


✔ ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs;

✔ colposcopy;

✔ bacterioscopic examination of a smear from the vagina using phase-contrast and immunofluorescence methods;

✔office hysteroscopy for examining the genital system and taking biomaterial;

✔ definition of natural killers (CD 56);

✔ determination of antisperm antibodies in the blood and endometrium (ASA);

for men:

✔ consultation of an andrologist of the highest category (possible through on-line using instant messengers or a video conferencing system);

✔ calculated morphocytogram of spermatozoa;

✔ bacterioscopic examination of the urethral smear using phase-contrast and immunofluorescence methods.

The decision to include a couple is made on the basis of the primary diagnosis, of which the couple is notified within 3 working days from the date of completion of the primary diagnosis.

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