IVF Medical House and our medical partner Center for Reproductive Medicine «Universe» offer full financing for primary diagnostic programs for non-citizens and temporary residents of Georgia, under the following programs: — Infertility — Repeated pregnancy losses — Male reproductive disorders — Some tests to prepare for IVF and a 10% discount on the procedure. Primary diagnostics for the programs Infertility, Repeated pregnancy loss, Male reproductive disorders include the following types of consultations and studies: for women:

✔️ consultation of a gynecologist-proctologist of the highest category;

✔️ ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs;

✔️ bacterioscopic examination of a vaginal smear using phase-contrast and immunofluorescence methods; ✔️office hysteroscopy for examining the genital system and taking biomaterial;

✔️ identification of natural killers (CD 56);

✔️ determination of antisperm antibodies in the blood and endometrium (ASA); for men:

✔️ consultation of an andrologist of the highest category;

✔️ calculated morphocytogram of spermatozoa;

✔️ bacterioscopic examination of the urethral smear using phase-contrast and immunofluorescence methods. Primary diagnosis under the program of IVF includes the following consultations and studies: For women:

✔️ Consultation of a reproductive specialist (vaginal examination)

✔️ Vaginal smear (phase contrast, immunofluorescent methods)

✔️ AEA — from the uterine cavity.

✔️ Colposcopy

✔️ Pap smear from the cervix

✔️ DUO

✔️ Transvaginal ultrasound ✔️ TSH / FT4

✔️ Lymphocytotherapy For men:

✔️ Andrologist consultation

✔️ Computer morphocytogram of sperm

✔️ Urethral smear (phase contrast, immunofluorescent methods) The program includes a 10% discount on the in vitro fertilization procedure.